Gas Furnace Maintenance: Common Heating Repair Solutions


Using a gas furnace is an excellent method to heat your property throughout the winter months. However, because system ages, you will find problems arising that will require a heating repair technician. Once you learn what probably the most common problems and possible causes are, you are able to give your service technician an improved description with the problem, making their job easier.

No Heat

Essentially the most obvious problem is there is absolutely no heat received from your furnace. Before you call your merchandise technician, check to be sure the thermostat isn't set way too low. If it's not, make sure that this circuit breaker is just not tripped. The pilot light can be out.

There are many, more dangerous logic behind why your furnace will not be blowing heat. There might be an ignition problem, which may be intermittent. You may also use a control valve issue where it is stuck closed. Additionally, the thermostat is almost always to blame, since it is not functioning anymore. Because of these problems, you need to engage a heating repair shop.

Inadequate Heat


Your whole body is blowing heat, that's good. However, it's not blowing enough heated air in your where you can work. More than likely, you have to clear a blockage or dirt somewhere. Before you call someone, replace your furnace filter to be sure this is simply not the problem. You need to replace your filter once per month to be sure air becomes for your system. If this type of rule isn't followed, a tech should clean the device and readjust the gas burners. This will clear out any dirt or obstruction keeping the warmth from your home.

Furnace Cycles Too often

Your house may be toasty, however, you hear the system flipping on and off greater than it must. There might be few different issues occurring. The first of which is an airflow problem. Be sure to replaced your air conditioning filter. However, that could be the simple fix, thermostat problems may cause the cycling. The heat anticipator is often a device in the thermostat that tells your furnace when you should run. An anticipator adjustment can make it less sensitive.

If the anticipator is placed properly, the cycling problem could be a blower issue. Your technician can check the lubrication on blower motor assembly. He / she also need to check the belt tension to make certain it's tight, and replace any frayed belts.

Always Running

In some instances, the blower doesn't cycle too frequently. Instead, it never stops running. Someone accidentally setting the thermostat to fan continuously might cause this challenge. This is a simple mistake. However, when the thermostat doesn't have a fan setting, the challenge might be together with the fan limit control switch. An electric heating repair provider can deal with this matter.

Heating repair is a very common occurrence for homeowners. To avoid these types of issues, you should have your unit inspected each fall, prior to use. The technician can replace worn-out belts and clean burners and passages to make certain your system runs all winter long.